I'll try it! You may have already given the relevant permissions when you first installed the app, however, things change and updates to your phone and the app can alter these permissions. For more information, please see our Once you have established the issue, you can then begin to solve the problem to get Telegram working normally. Try socks: tg://socks?server= to Get Quick Solution >, Download Center There are a number of associated errors like Telegram showing or stuck at connecting instead of connected, calls fail to connect, and messages not being delivered. Check airplane mode and carrier signal as well. These are important for protecting you against things on the internet, but they can also cause some issues, and your ad blocker may be the reason your Telegram cannot connect. If it does, then connect after you have disabled your ad blocker then you may want to take a look at your settings to ensure that this issue does not arise in the future. Your Telegram could also be having issues connecting if the relevant permissions are disabled. There are many different reasons why your Telegram app may not be connecting to the internet, but as we have established through this article, there are many things that you can do to fix those issues. F-14 pilot Mark Vizcarra always wondered what would happen if his aircraft's wings were ever stuck in the swept-back position and he had to land. Make sure you're using the latest version of Telegram by checking for updates in the app store. And the phone is new. Suddenly since 2 days ago its not working anymore. Solve telegram connecting problem | Telegram updating stuck issue Fixed - YouTube 0:00 / 2:35 #telegramconnectingproblem Solve telegram connecting problem | Telegram updating stuck issue. Whenever you notice an issue with Telegram web, the first thing you should always do is check your internet connectivity to make sure it's working properly. I know what you are thinking. to Get Quick Solution >. Disable Ad Blocker Fix 6. However, if you are sure that none of these things are causing connectivity issues, then it could simply be that Telegram is down. See if bypassing the Telegram app here helps. Turn off the mode then your app should go back to working as usual. Lastly, it's possible that the Telegram servers are down or experiencing technical difficulties. You see, I am using Blokada, a popular, open-source ad-blocker to help me protect against spams, ads, and even crypto mining scripts that can wreak havoc and deplete phone resources quickly leading to a sluggish experience. Contacting them on Twitter is probably the easiest way, as they have a customer service account to help people with their various problems. That means ad blocker will no longer mess with Telegram app. Touch Network and Internet. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner of your screen. Locate the Telegram icon in your launcher and long-press Tap on App info. Disclosure: Mashtips is supported by its audience. Press and hold the Side button + the Volume down button, until the Power off slider appears. If you are using any VPN, DNS, or Telegram Proxy, then that could be the reason Telegram isnt connecting. Everything else is fine with the Telegram account itself, able to log in via the web and another android device. It is the information that is stored up on your device after you visit a certain website or app. Select "Settings" on the menu. Open phone Settings on your phone, tap on Apps > Manage Apps and search for Telegram and select it. Most ad blockers come with a way to manage apps installed on the phone. Once I switched locations Telegram was able to connect with VPN active. My Telegram cant connect when Im on mobile data. That's how: Locate the Telegram icon on your launcher and hold. Is this normal for Telegram to exprience outages? Copyright 2022 iMyFone. There are a lot of users for whom Telegram is not connecting or working on Android phones. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Old data can result in errors and lags sometimes. Click here for HolidayGiftIdeas for Men, Women, Kids! Reboot Your Devices Fix 8. However, this article will help you to figure out exactly what the issue is and what you can do to fix it. The issue was simple. Telegram impossible to use with all these scammers. If your IP address was blocked by Telegram or you are still unsure what the issue is and how to solve it, you may contact Telegram on Twitter. Tap on Clear Data at the bottom of the screen and then select Clear cache and Clear all data one at a time. You have already rated this article, please do not repeat scoring! Go back to the same screen and click on App permissions and Other permissions here. From there, select Data usage Finally, enable Unrestricted data usage. What to do? I do not have this problem when I am connected to WiFi in the office or at some shopping malls. Product-related questions? Check and Enable Relevant Permissions, Fix 3. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Tap on Clear Data at the bottom of the screen and then select Clear cache and Clear all data one at a time. This tutorial is about how to solve telegram connecting problem or updating stuck.This 2022 released solution not works on ios iphone and ipad devices.This video has english subtitle at same time tamil,kaise kare hindi,bangla telugu,kannada,pakistan and malayalam region people's are can easily understand it.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today i get the following one error notification while i try to open the telegram mobile app :Connecting.And sometime it shows Updating----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How To Play Telegram Videos In iPhone : https://youtu.be/GBOpshP94nAHow To Find Your Facebook Liked Videos \u0026 Photos : https://youtu.be/MLaikU2BrYQHow To Change Instagram Chat Theme : https://youtu.be/CfrXvk6SJh0----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to fix telegram connecting forever :1.Some time this issue also happening if you use telegram desktop mode in your pc.2.But this method not working for laptop or computer.3.Here i get this error message in my samsung galaxy m30s android phone.4.So first of all reset your mobile data connection as well as wifi connections.5.And one time delete this telegram app caches.6.Finally this update stuck problem is fixed.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#telegramconnectingproblem #telegramupdating #connectingtelegram All we had to do was to reboot iPhone. The use of firewall interference and antivirus software can also contribute to the fact that your Telegram is not connecting to the internet. The uninstall button is right next to it. To do this simply head over to settings in the app and there will be a section specifically for app permissions. Flaky app. The setting or system issue on your device may also cause a Telegram connecting issue. Turn on your iPhone, and try sending the code again. Turn off Data Saver or Low Data Mode, Fix 4. Starting from the very basic installing issues to the network and application ones, the range of the problems could be vast. Just writing connection and trying to connect for hours without any luck When I am on my 4G its fine, but when I am on the WiFi it doesnt work. Please help. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. We're even able to read the notifications of Telegram, but it just stuck on "connecting" when opening. UPDATE: I figured it out. Open the Settings app on Windows (use Windows + I keys), and go to Network & internet menu.. Why does telegram request location access so often? Tried reinstalling, rebooting, googled, network reset. Contact Telegram via Twitter is a quick way to solve the issue. Go to Storage & cache and then clear the cache. Hi did you find any solution to this issue? 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Telegram x seems to be working fine currently. Vibrates, but doesnt ring despite ringtone being set. Reinstall Telegram Well, you last resort to fix Telegram not working is to reinstall the app. My Telegram just doesnt ring on incoming call. Therefore, to avoid this happening you can turn off the data saver or or Low Data Mode. Thank!! Look for Telegram under both Mobile and Wifi tabs and make sure it is not crossed. Change the location on your VPN or proxy app and check again. Another reason why Telegram may be stuck on connecting is if you're using an outdated version of the app. Follow the article to change some settings may solve the issue. The country I had selected in my VPN is what was causing the issue. If you are using a custom DNS, remove it to see it that helps. If it isn't, the simple hacks would be to reboot or reset your router or trying a different WiFi connection or a mobile hotspot. That could be one reason why Telegram not connecting or working on an Android phone. If the issue is resolved, check your ad blockers settings or get a new one. and our That will do a clean reinstall of Telegram app. Why delete cache and other data first? I haven't been able to connect lately with macOS or iOS. Open Telegram on your Android. Telegram works really well for the most part but like all apps, it suffers from occasional hiccups and issues. If it still isnt connecting after that then, you should disable them and use mobile internet or Wi-Fi, and if that works then there could be an issue with your plan or that there is no bandwidth left. This chart shows a view of problem reports submitted in the past 24 hours compared to the typical volume of reports by time of day. It is there to help speed up the site loading time, however, if there is too much of it stored, it can slow down the running or even stop connecting. On the other hand, if you are not using one then this is a good time to try one. It will just help to reboot everything and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Check and Enable Relevant Permissions Fix 3. Touch App info. Where are you from? Go to "Data and Storage." Proceed to "Automatic Media. Also Read: 8 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps for Free Text & Call (2018). Telegram connecting Problem Solution || How To Fix Connecting Problem In TelegramVIDEO QUERIES .1.telegram connecting problem malayalam2.telegram connectin. Telegram stuck on "connecting". What to do? Therefore, this may stop Telegram from connecting to the internet. Do you think this Proxy server is universal or may require a change at a later time?. The main reason that it cannot connect could be the network itself. Nothing helps. Disable your ad blocker to make sure thats not what causing Telegram connecting error. There are many reasons why it may not be connecting to the internet, and sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason as to why that may be. Another reason why Telegram is not connecting or working correctly is a lack of permissions. Check if Telegram is connecting or working again now or not. I am facing similar issue now. Not too familiar with servers, other than that they may be blocked at some point. I recently wrote a guide on the Telegram web app and how to fix connection and loading issues with the same. There is another temporary fix install telegram x instead of telegram for time being until they fix the original app. Since I installed Telegram a few weeks ago, it has been working very well. One of the problems that are faced a lot by the telegram users is the connection issue. If it is, tap to enable (changes to tick symbol), Restart your phone afterwards and cross your fingers , I have downloaded it.when I put Mobile number it continues connecting.loading but waiting for several minutes result nothing, Did you find tbe solution if yes then plz help me. The team behind Telegram is usually good at finding and fixing these issues at the earliest. Check the above screenshots to note which permissions I have given. Therefore, you need to double-check if your app is up to date. I have to try it. Here is another Telegram guide aimed at Android users. I have always had VPN enabled so I don't think that could be the source of my issues. im using an ordinary telegram, and its always connecting while im using wifi conncection. Now open the Telegram app and see if you are noticing Telegram. Next, check there are no restrictions on media for mobile, WiFi, and other settings. Are you using a proxy or a VPN to connect to the internet and use Telegram? Open the Security app, then go to: To clear cache, long-press on the Telegram app icon and open App info. Fix 2. Seems the issue only on this iPhone itself. Hopefully, you will have been able to pinpoint the actual issue with your app and have been able to solve it so that your app will now connect to the internet and will be back to normal. Not sure where to enter or how to use DNS? You can unplug your device or turn it off using the power button and leave it for a little while. Find Solutions Here. Telegram is Probably Down. Talking about the DNS reminded me of ad blockers. It's been happening to be a lot since the Russia business. That would help us and our readers too. Make sure you enter the correct phone number. If there are, they the ones you have set and know about. Reboot your iPhone. You will have to sign back into Telegram now. Contact Telegram by Twitter Also Read: How to Send Self Destructing Message in Telegram. So Telegram on iPhone 6s (latest iOS) has been working fine and then suddenly stopped. My telegram app doesnt load up the people nearby and the groups I dont know whats wrong pls help me out. Update/Reinstall Telegram Fix 7. Turn off Data Saver or Low Data Mode Fix 4. It seems the issue is only on this iPhone itself. I have always had VPN enabled so I don't think that could be the source of my issues. Telegram stuck on "updating". If Telegram is not connecting or working for you on Android, try WhatsApp or another chat app until the issue is resolved. If there your IP address was blocked by Telegram, a Telegram connecting problem may also happen. Also Read: Top 8 Crossplatform Messaging Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more. iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo with Loading Bar, How to Fix? My phone shows short notifications but telegram app is not able to load messages due to connecting error when I am using mobile data and WiFi at home. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sometimes apps do not work at all without being updated. If you have found another way to solve this issue, please share with us in the comments below. hey, thanks so much! Not able to rectify. Whether youre having problems with the speed of your network, or it has just stopped working altogether, you can follow the guide to check the internet. Open Telegram settings, then: Data and Storage -> Use Proxy. Not on my iPhone and not on my MacBook. Anyone can help? It can help jumpstart things and reallocate mobile resources. Check The Internet Fix 2. Many android users have reported Telegram not connecting on android, which of course, could be due to several numbers of reasons. If you uninstall and reinstall the app without deleting old data, the error that you were getting earlier may not be resolved. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. If you are not connected to the internet, Telegram might not open or be stuck on connecting status. How did you resolve it?? So telegram on iPhone 6s (latest iOS) has been working fine and then suddenly stopped. You should change the location on your VPN or proxy app and attempt to connect it again. You may change it a little based on what you are trying to do with the app and your requirements. Here are the steps: Find Telegram and long-press > click App info > select Data usage > Enable Unrestricted data usage. Everything else is fine with the telegram account itself, was able to login via web and another android device. iMyFone Store. Having tried reinstalling, rebooting and network reset. The first thing you need to do is check Telegram app staus. Another reason why Telegram call failed to connect is there is too much cache data stored. A lot of users, myself included, use Google DNS ( and because it is much faster and works really well. How to Fix YouTube Full Screen Not Working, Contact Our Support Team And there are quite a few different other methods. Contact Our Support Team Make sure you've chosen the right country code. Cookie Notice You already gave all the necessary permissions when you installed and launched it for the first time, but permissions might have gotten revoked due to an error or recent update. If Telegram is working now, either your VPN/proxy plan has expired or there is no bandwidth left. GLITCH?? Repeat the same process again to delete all files and then uninstall the app. Part 1: Why Is My Telegram Not Connecting? Because they will be doing everything that they can on their end to ensure that the app is up and running again in no time. However, doing this it can mean that your battery will be drained a lot quicker. Disable Battery Saver Mode or Low Power Mode, [Top 6 Ways] Fix Discord Not Working 2022, How to Know If Someone Added You Back on Snapchat, Get Rid of Top Hits on Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac [2022], Turn Off Safari Suggestions on iPhone, iPad and Mac, How to Fix Apple Music Not Working [2022], Signal Notifications Not Working? It is possible that the app is facing downtime. Try using your mobile internet and make sure that you are not running out of data on either. You can also choose to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Too many apps open in the background can also affect open apps and their performance. How to Send Self Destructing Message in Telegram, 8 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps for Free Text & Call (2018), Top 8 Crossplatform Messaging Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more, 6 Apps To Message Between iPhone, Android and Mac, You can Now Create WhatsApp Polls, and Here is How to Use It, How to Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram. If it is the case, then there is not much that you can do. You will have to sign back into Telegram now. Nothing helps. anyone can explain to me why that happen ?? Such things should have been sorted out out before over-speedy release. Are you logged out? Sometimes, it may happen due to a bug or accidentally. Telegram stuck on "Connecting" both macOS and iOS with spinning "busy" gif. Everything else is fine with the telegram account itself, was able to login via web and another android device. If it is not, you need to upgrade it. If youre on xiaomi, it could be your security app blocking Telegram from connecting to to wifi or data. Sometimes the wings failed and became stuck in the swept position. Drag the slider to the right, and your iPhone will turn off. F-14s had variable swept wings that adjusted to changes in speed. All rights reserved. The phone was working fine in USA, now in Kazakhstan doesn't work. Every other app works. Tried reinstalling, rebooting, googled, network reset. Lets begin. 3 Universal Methods to Fix Telegram Not Working Problem 1: Telegram Notifications Not Working Problem 2: Telegram Voice Message or Calls Not Working Problem 3: Telegram App Was Unable to Play This Video Problem 4: Telegram Log in Problem Problem 5: Telegram Images Not Loading Problem 6: Telegram Not Opening Problem 7: Telegram Bot Stopped Working Blokada also supports custom DNS but because most ad blockers are a set and forget in nature, people often forget about them. Part 2: How to Fix Telegram Not Connecting? They also reply quite quickly, so you should be able to get the issue resolved quickly and easily! Is this normal for Telegram to exprience outages? I don't think it's region specific as rather the device acting weird. It is very important, especially because nowadays, there is a lot of sensitive and important information that is stored on your devices. That's the last thing to do if none of the solutions mentioned above works for you. Telegram Flatpak using incorrect cursor theme, how to fix No-SIM Signup, Global Auto-Delete Timer, Topics 2.0 and More. Therefore, they will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening, no matter how it effects the running of things. Data usage > Restrict data usage When he asked his instructors in flight school what he should . Another thing to note here is app permissions. Once you have done that, it should connect and be working as usual. Fix 1. Because the data is still stored in the phone memory, whether or not the app is there. Therefore, you need to check that they are all correct and change any that arent. Have tried to restart, re-install, close wifi, restart wifi, empty cache but nothing is working. But when i started Telegram this morning, i cant see my groups and Screen is BLANK and just showing connecting. Again, I recommend the Google DNS but you can go for any. A closely related issue can be DNS. It is common for some problems to be reported throughout the day. If that doesnt work, disable them and use mobile internet or your WiFi network. You can check downtime of most popular apps and services on Downdetector, either on their website or Android app. In fact, most people who use Telegram still use WhatsApp. We're even able to read the notifications of telegram but when opening app it just stuck. Click Data Saver and turn it off. Clear cache and data on Telegram or the browser, turn off Firewall Interference or Antivirus, could sometimes solve the issue. Turn on Data Saver or Low Data Mode will reduce data use or block it from apps altogether, but it may cause telegram not connecting on iOS on Android devices. Reinstalling Telegram from scratch will also update it to the latest version that will help take care of bugs that were recently discovered. Update: this link is not clickable in reddit app. Anyone can help? I have been using Telegram PC Windows version which was working satisfactorily till last night. My Telegram in DualSpace, is closing immediately after opening. . My mom didn't know how to reboot iPhone and that's where the trouble was. Check if Telegram is connecting or working now or not. 6 Ways to Solve iPhone Keeps Showing Apple Logo and Turning off, 6 Solutions Here if Your iPad Won't Turn off. Please help. 2012-2022 MashTips.com All Rights Reserved, How to Fix Telegram Not Connecting or Working on Android. While Telegram is a great alternative to WhatsApp and is more privacy-centric than most messaging and chat apps, it is not the only one. Privacy Policy. It happens all the time and because companies like Telegram, Facebook, and Google have servers all over the world, downtime may affect different users based on their location. The support will help you find out exactly what the problem is and help you solve the issue. Open phone Settings on your phone, tap on Apps > Manage Apps and search for Telegram and select it. As their job is to do everything that they possibly can to avoid your device being attacked by a virus or anything else that may harm your device. Can someone may pls advise how to trouble shoot this problem and assurance this would not happen in future. Downdetector only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher . Also Read: 6 Apps To Message Between iPhone, Android and Mac. Sometimes, there are system glitches if your device keeps working. As soon as I have wifi access, Telegram works again. Always do a clean reinstall. Telegram outages reported in the last 24 hours. Telegram Flickering Symbols.. besides these red dots Press J to jump to the feed. Disable Battery Saver Mode or Low Power Mode Fix 5. I have a telegram channel that just stores Archived chats unhide after reopening app. When doing this, you also need to delete cache data. Check if Telegram is connecting or working again now or not. All our members are also in a fix because of this impending problem. Check if the WiFi is working and if not, reboot or reset the router once. 2. [Fixed] iPhone Widgets Reset to Default Settings When Restoring from Backup? Check out the next point. You can find this out by hopping onto the internet and searching "Telegram Downdetector". This could keep the Tomcat from landing successfully. Part 2: How to Fix Telegram Not Connecting? But, when im use mobile data connection, telegram work properly. I would also suggest you reboot your phone once. Open Settings again and go back to the same menu where you deleted cache files. Battery saver mode or Low Power Mode is there to ensure that there arent certain things that arent using up all of your battery. Seems the issue only on this iPhone itself. SAME HERE.. if ur problem fixed help to fix also. UPDATE: I figured it out. Enter for Server, and 443 for Port. In the meantime, if you don't want to disable Data Saver on your device, you can whitelist Telegram for the feature, so you can always connect to the internet. You should be able to see your username and mobile number there. I haven't been able to connect lately with macOS or iOS. still i cant download.. can you hlp me bro ? Click on this and make the necessary changes to the permissions, so that the app can work as normal. So telegram on iPhone 6s (latest iOS) has been working fine and then suddenly stopped. If you want to use Data saver mode on your device, add Telegram to the whitelist can solve the issue. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.